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A befitting response to Nadeem F Paracha

A Befitting Response to Nadeem F Paracha.

While the Pakistani Nation is cursed with the presence of terrorists and murderers who want to impose their mindset on to others and enforce their twisted understanding of Islam on us by the sword we are also cursed with the presence of people who have an interest in purposely putting Pakistan down.

Any reference to a foreign link to the militants for them means the person is a conspiracy theorist and it matters little what proof the person has to give. Do the Indians deliberate so much when they are told that our government is spreading terrorism within their borders? The fact is several people who pose as neo liberals have an interest in isolating and destroying Pakistan.

True religion should be a personal matter and so should the beliefs of the person. However hatred for the murderous Taliban and Al Qaeda has now reached such a fever pitch that these unfortunate individuals would do nothing rather than hate them and slander people who would claim there is more to these thugs and murderers than just this.

It is not understandable why they would rather believe what USA says as true or India says than their own countries version of events? Our Army Chief, Rehman Malik and Shah Mahmood Quraishi themselves have made claims about Talibans link to Indian intelligence. Do we see the Indians deliberating so much when told that all their problems stem from Pakistan?

It may be true that the media has a major role in bringing forward the problems and the issues of the Nation which is necessary because by accepting our issues we can address them. However on the other hand the media also has a role in defaming and destroying the morale of the Nation and ignoring certain aspects of a situation to paint a picture the it prefers to show to the public. We all know that in the 1980’s we made a mistake by supporting the Taliban but who was supporting Zia at that time? If it was a mistake to interfere in Afghanistan then was it not a mistake to do so now? True we should never have let terrorists breed in our country in the first place but are we the only ones to blame and will we keep taking the blame for being used by superpowers and being pushed around on ourselves?

A person who regrettably represents a very Anti Pakistani line of thinking is Nadeem F Paracha. It may be true that religion must be kept separate from the state. No one denies this but the madness that is becoming a norm in his articles putting the blame on the country is unfortunate. This is a link to his latest article:


I went through the article and thought a response was necessary. This is my befitting response to madmen like these who represent neo liberal facism and contribute to the media campaign against Pakistan that is now becoming a headache for the nation when we already on one hand have murderers such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The Response


Nadeem what should we do? Commit suicide? How should we display our anger at the Taliban? Tear our hair and scream?

To speak the truth if we had the choice we would tear the Taliban apart, torture them in the streets and hang their bodies in the street corners for the murder and brutality they have brought to our land. These creatures are unworthy of life.

But the fact is there is terrorism on both sides. While they represent murder and suicide bombing you represent another form of bigotism spawned from hatred for the murder these animals have brought to our land.

Basically we are being locked up into a little box where we are simply supposed to believe the stand the international media takes and say no more as anything other than it is classified as a “conspiracy theory” even if our own military claims that RAW has a role in destabilising the Nation why should we believe it? Only the Indians have the right to believe that ISI is infiltrating terrorists and Mumbai terrorists were from Pakistan. We don’t have this right do we?

The question is did the CIA not pump 15 billion dollars in order to form the taliban and used them for their own interests to see a soviet defeat. Haven’t many Taliban commanders been released from US prisons and guantanamo bay only to come and massacre Pakistani civilians. Where did muslim khan spokesperson of ttp live? From where did the taliban gain so much money to spend $ 800 billion on weaponry and bomb making. Do you know how much money is required to procure material and make even a 2 kg bomb while the Taliban is using up to 2000 kilograms of explosives in blasts. Every talibani foot soldier is paid about $200 every month while a policeman is paid $80. Was’nt this article published in dawn itself? A suicide bombers family is paid $20000 while a policeman’s family is paid $6000 for his death.

I am sorry to say we refuse to be blinded in hatred that we stop thinking completely. Our theories are based on evidence we have been researching for years. I am also sorry that I don’t feel it is sensible to blame ISI for everything. ISI and the military have been used. In fact the entire nation has been used and & abandoned in the past. This is a repeat of the 1980’s.

As for the people celebrating these articles I don’t have much to say. Conduct some research of your own. We take responsibility for too much.

Neo liberal terrorism is becoming as much a problem as are the Taliban. Hate the Taliban for their brutality yes but don’t be so blind that we just can’t come to believe that they can’t be supported by anyone else. After all the CIA did form them and use them against the Soviets just like they used Pakistan as a puppet country to fight the soviets and Afghanistan as a battleground where 4 million civilians died in the same Afghan-Soviet war.

GEO and Dawn are unlikely to give us a place on their channels and our voice is being silenced purposely. We don’t just open our mouths to shoot off without any proof or understanding of the situation. The articles we write are the work of several years of research.

If loving our country and standing in defence of our Nation is a crime I am a very proud criminal. Thank you Paracha.


Supreme Leader.

Pakistan Nationalist Association.