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The growing agitation of Pakistanis against USA

A recent survey conducted by Pew Global Attitudes (a project of a research center in Washington) in Pakistan has proven that the 64% of the people of Pakistan despise the USA and see it as one of the greatest threats to Pakistan. On the other hand only about 9% believe that the US can ever be Pakistan’s allies. However 70% of the Pakistanis who were questioned are absolutely against the Taliban and seek their utter elimination. Another survey conducted for the international broadcaster Al Jazeera by Gallup Pakistan found that 59 percent of Pakistanis felt the greatest threat to the country was the United States rather than the Taliban.

As the report suggests Pakistanis despise the USA but do not side with the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Generally Pakistanis view them unfavourably but they see both of them as two sides of the same coin.

Unfortunately the Americans cannot come to understand why Pakistanis see them as their foremost enemy rather than the terrorists. On the other hand Pakistanis feel they have been constantly betrayed despite seeing the Americans as allies. They believe they have been used to accomplish USA’s strategic goals and interests in the region and then abandoned.

A look at history

The Taliban were formed, supported and funded by the USA in the 1980’s in order to drive away the Soviets from Afghanistan and offset the defeat they suffered to the Communists in the Vietnam War. According to newly opened CIA files USA wanted the Soviets to intervene in Afghanistan and aid was being transferred to Anti communist elements since July 1979 which was before the Soviets had officially invaded.

Pakistan was not always keen to join the war and did so upon USA’s insistence. Sources even claim that Zia Ul Haq did not want to get involved in the war but many promises of opening up military and economic assistance were offered to President Zia by American diplomats for joining the war. This and the promise of a long lasting relationship with the USA convinced Pakistanis.

However by directly interfering in neighbouring Afghanistan on the behest of American urging Pakistan suffered over 120 incidents of terrorism which killed many citizens. One such bombing was the Islamabad depot bombings were blamed on Najibullah’s government. USA suffered no losses as they had no troops on the ground and were too far away from the region.

Not surprisingly when the war was over Pakistan was not needed and the country was abandoned. In 1990 military and economic ties were cut off with Pakistan under the Presler Amendment which required proof that Pakistan did not possess a nuclear weapon.

Unfortunately the fact that America itself has one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the World and is the only Nation to have used them is ignored when talking about the nuclear aspirations of other Nations.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Tests

India conducted its first surprise nuclear test in 1974 known as the “Smiling Buddha.” USA turned a blind eye to the first test but India’s second test in 1998 which followed a similar test by Pakistan almost immediately received international condemnation. Initially sanctions were imposed on both India and Pakistan.

However after a few months the sanctions on India were removed while those on Pakistan remained. Certain military sanctions specially relating to nuclear technology continue till today however no such sanctions are being imposed on India. The differential treatment annoys Pakistanis as India has 10 times Pakistan’s population and is much larger than Pakistan. The military as well is larger than Pakistan’s own.

Furthermore Pakistanis can also not understand why USA signed a nuclear deal with India but is not willing to sign the exact same deal with Islamabad which has sent clear signals that it wants a peaceful nuclear deal with the USA for power generation purposes. Pakistan is facing crippling power shortages that are affecting the daily life of its citizens. In major cities people have to make do without 4-8 hours of electricity in a day.

The relationship today

Americans believe that the aid they are giving Pakistan in the War on Terror is more than enough and is a message to Pakistan to forget the past and move on. However what they don’t seem to understand is that the losses of Pakistan in the WOT have crossed $35.5 Billion in damages to Pakistan (These figures are from January 2009 and the figure may now be more than 48 Billion). The aid does not compensate Pakistan for the losses given that $11 Billion is not even a quarter of this figure.

To aggravate things further much of the aid given to Pakistan has still not been delivered and much of it will be eaten up by the administrative costs of the USA.

In addition the Americans have expressed no sympathy for the 8000 Pakistani civilians and 2000 soldiers killed in a highly unpopular war but have always pushed Pakistan to do more as if it were their colony.

Many Pakistanis as a result believe that USA is supporting terrorism in their country. The fact that the US has released several Taliban commanders from its custody such as Abdullah Mehsud who have attacked Pakistani Nationals soon after their release has further supported this belief. The latest addition to the long list of such commanders is Mehdi-Mohammed Ghazali who was captured in Pakistan recently and is a Swedish National released from Guantanamo Bay.

The American media has a way of aggravating the situation and pouring salt to the fresh wounds of the Nation. The baseless suggestion that Pakistani nukes may fall in the hands of terrorists only fuels rage and in turn is seen as a scheme to take possession of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. On the other hand the constant campaigns of accusations aimed at Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency the ISI and the military are seen as an attempt to isolate and destroy the military and ISI so that it cannot stop CIA’s designs in the region.

When it is stated that Pakistan is not serious in the War on Terror despite the death of thousands of its own people it also fuels Anti Americanism. The Pakistanis have now become even more suspicious of the USA because of these media campaigns.

Due to the American policies towards Pakistan in the past and those that still continue today many Pakistanis simply see the terrorist organizations as American agents. For the majority of Pakistanis the USA and Taliban are basically two sides of the same coin.

Can US-Pakistani ties ever develop?

The very attitude of the USA towards Pakistan leaves lingering resentment and rage amongst Pakistanis. It does nothing but make terrorist organizations more powerful.

Where yesterday only a section of the population believed no productive ties could ever develop between Pakistan and USA today this phenomenon is noticeable even amongst the moderates as they see the USA as their sworn enemy.

USA’s foreign policy is based on egotism and to protect their self interest the Americans are willing to cross any limit. For Pakistan it is the moment to take a tougher stance with the USA and design a policy that is in turn beneficial to the Nation.

Most Pakistanis are already suggesting that either the Pakistanis take a tougher stance towards the USA and demand to be treated with the respect they deserve or withdraw from the War completely declaring themselves neutral to both the USA and the Afghan Taliban.

Whatever the case it is high time for Pakistan to present itself on an equal footing as the USA otherwise it will continue to be taken for granted and will be used and abandoned as has been the case in the past. Pakistan cannot have a relationship with the USA where Pakistan’s sovereignty itself is lost. After all Pakistan is not a colony but an Independent Nation.


Pakistan’s 62nd Independence Day

A reminder of our responsibility

Under the visionary leadership of Quaid E Azam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947. For the creation of this Nation countless lives were lost and people from both sides were slaughtered in great numbers in pre partition riots. Many of those moving to Pakistan lost what little possessions they had in the process and sacrificed their links to the places they had lived in for years. Despite these difficulties these people were all willing to risk so much only to ensure that they lived free of the discrimination and the absolute in acceptance of the Indians and British to accept them as equal citizens with equal rights in their own land.

Pakistan was created by our forefathers to ensure that they and their future generations would be able to live with honour and dignity, free to practice (or not practice) their faith without anyone imposing their will on them. They understood that Pakistan was the only solution to the mistreatment they suffered in India. They rose up to fulfill the dream of an independent Pakistan and the Pakistani cause gave us all something to fight for, something to live and die for and finally with the blood of thousands it gave us a land to cherish and love.

However creating a land to call our own was just a beginning because with the very formation of this land comes a huge liability. With Pakistan formed it is our duty to protect the honour of this Nation and develop it into one of the Greatest in the World. Today we Pakistanis have a huge burden on our shoulders. It is our foremost duty to safeguard the interests of Pakistan and work in every way we can to ensure the unity and prosperity of our people and Nation.

Unfortunately at that time we were in search of a Nation but today Pakistan is in search of its people. Those people who were willing to make any sacrifice for Pakistan. People who made every decision based on the effect it would have on Pakistan.

What we lack today is the iron will or the resolve to serve this Nation to the best of our capabilities like we did in those days. No one is willing to understand that every single action that we take has a direct effect on Pakistan and Pakistani interest has been replaced unfortunately by self interest. This is especially evident in the government and other public institutions where corruption dominates life.

The flame that burned within the hearts of those who gave us this sacred land which today we call our home should not die out within our hearts because the task of building Pakistan is not complete. We cannot abandon our Nation and our identity for egotism.

Our independence day is not just about hoisting a flag on our rooftops and finding cause to celebrate. It is about reflecting on what effect our actions are having on our country, thinking how best we can serve our Nation and doing everything we can in this regard.

We must remember that every action we take can have a positive or negative effect on Pakistan. Even if each one of us supports the education of one Pakistani child it can have a major positive impact on our country. On the other hand even something viewed as small such as throwing rubbish in the streets can have an impact on our country.

Let the 62nd Independence Day of our motherland be a reminder to all of us of our responsibility to this Sacred Land. Let us be reminded that without Pakistan we are nothing and let us integrate this Nation within our very blood and work to make it the Greatest in the World.

Let us promise that whatever we do we will keep Pakistan in mind and will work with dedication towards the glory of this country and do nothing that hurts our Nation. Let us first promise that we will not use means such as bribery, fraud and corruption and sell our National interests for our own benefits. Let us then promise to put our Nation before ourselves because if Pakistan benefits we benefit.

Finally let us promise to find and eliminate all elements involved in any Anti Pakistani actions that hurt our people such as corruption, crime and terrorism and not elect leaders that support any of the three because Pakistan is our responsibility.

Pakistan Always Zindabad!!!

Hosting of Pakistan Nationalist Association Public Wing Delayed

The hosting of our Public wing has been delayed as a result of complications involving limited funds from our sponsors and most importantly the absolute lack of support for the idea of hosting a Public Wing at all amongst other Nationalist Elements.

Despite having an entire Nationalist Production Companies such as “Dimension117 Productions” and “United f4 One Cause Creative Ideas”  at our disposal, with a logo designed, print ads already designed and an entire cover magazine for promotion purposes already produced for the first month of operation the project has come to a complete halt.

It must be noted that we Pakistani Nationalists are doing a crime to Pakistan if we keep ourselves unnoticed forever even though we have the chance to expand and bring the movement to all of Pakistan instead of having an extremely minor movement with membership almost impossible to attain.

Pakistani Nationalism needs to be promoted. The PNA is an inspiration to Pakistans and its members have a way of influencing others. The beliefs of our members in Pakistani Nationalism are unerasable. Therefore a Public Wing will not result in the disintegration of Pakistani Nationalism but will result in bringing Pakistani Nationalism to the masses and end the disunity we see today caused by the Each man for himself attitude.

The membership rules of Nationalist Organizations need to be loosened up in order to make our movement powerful and influential amongst Pakistanis across the World. A mass movement of the people calling for Pakistani Nationalism can change things for the better and bring an absolute end to corruption, crime, terrorism and the constant selling of National Interest by corrupt inefficient politicians in our Country.

To find individuals willing to put Pakistan before everything else a Public Front is ideal. From this Front we can enlist the most Patriotic elements and have a constant stream of believers in the Pakistani Nationalist ideology.

As such there is no Registered Organization open for Public Access by the name of Pakistan Nationalist Association and the way things are progressing there wont be any in the future which will only result in the ideal of Pakistani Nationalism being where it always was.

We cannot simply lie idly by despite having the means to bring our movement to the people at our disposal. Pakistan needs an awakening and the Pakistan Nationalist Association can BE that awakening.

If any Nationalist Elements are willing to make this work please get in touch with me.

This is  Havi Zayed signing off.

Pakistan Alwayz Paindabad!!!

EXCLUSIVE: John Walker Lindh’€™s Parents Discuss Their Son’€™s Story

EXCLUSIVE: John Walker Lindh’s Parents Discuss Their Son’s Story, from Joining the US-Backed Taliban Army to Surviving a Northern Alliance Massacre, to His Abuse at the Hands of US Forces

The above link provides an interview of the Parents of John Walker Lindh a member of the American formed, funded and supported Taliban and the story of how he was betrayed by his own Nation after the USA used him and young men like him to fulfill their interests as they nurtured and bred terrorists to fight against the Soviets and drive them out of Afghanistan.

His mistake was unlike most of the Taliban fighters he refused to be used by the US government and fulfill the USA’s Agenda by massacring innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan like other Taliban soldiers but came to Afghanistan to stop what he saw as atrocities of the Northern Alliance on the Afghan people.

He was trapped by the USA’s allies, the Taliban in a war that had nothing to do with him. He then suffered the brutality of the Northern Alliance under Commander Dostum who had only recently allied with the government of George Bush who was keen to show the World that his country was a sworn enemy of the Taliban who they had themselves created.

Since John Walker Lindh did not act according to US needs by adopting violent Taliban behavior by pillaging property and massacring innocents in Afghanistan he was brutally punished by his home country. On the other hand Taliban commanders who were responsible for the mass murder of Afghans or Pakistanis such as Haqqani Abdullah Mehsud very conveniently evaded capture.

John was handed over to the Americans by Commander Dostum where he was tortured and brutalized under the orders of American Officials and paraded as the “American Taliban” and as a violent terrorist by the media. His crime was that as a Taliban soldier he had failed to accomplish his purpose and had refused to drain the blood of innocent civilians in Afghanistan to give USA the excuse of being the “protectors of Afghans from Taliban’s terrorism”.

He continues to suffer for serving his country by joining the Taliban who until 9/11 were always the brave heroes for driving the Soviets away from Afghanistan.

The US-Taliban/Al Qaeda Partnership

Strategic Allies or Hostile Enemies?

Many people who have constantly been brainwashed by the typical Fox News type US media into seeing things only in one particular way may wonder why any sane person would even think of questioning the almost understood fact that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are sworn enemies of the United States Government who is trying to eliminate them in the War on Terror. However the World often forgets or purposely ignores the fact that it is the United States itself that has not only created but also raised and nurtured the monster we see today. In this case it is not very hard to see how the Taliban and United States can work together for their own interests and how their interests meet in many aspects.

Background of the Afghan Civil War & USA’s role:

In the 1980’s the people who today we call the Taliban and Al Qaeda were funded and used by the Americans to attack the Soviets and drive them away from Afghanistan for their own gains. When the Soviets withdrew from the region and the task was over the USA stopped sending all aid to Afghanistan leaving the country war torn and destroyed after using it as a battleground. USA did absolutely nothing to stabilize the region or develop Afghanistan at par with other Nations in the World nor did it deal with the miseries of the people that started because America simply used Afghanistan for its own vested interests forming and supporting the Taliban against the Soviets and abandoning them when their task was done.

The Afghan people in turn were left at the mercy of the Taliban who slowly took control of the Nation unleashing a reign of terror on the local people. The poorer sections of Afghan society became more and more fanatical as they had no one to turn to in order to address their needs except the Taliban. The USA did nothing except giving the militants a free hand as they seized power, slowly strengthened themselves and imposed their rule on the Afghans. Under the Taliban there was only one Women’s Hospital in Kabul for the entire countries female population. The militants ordered women to be locked up in their homes and treated Pakistanis and Iranians brutally. In one case they locked up Pakistani and Iranian businessmen in containers and suffocated them. Furthermore they ordered an end to all entertainment in Afghanistan banning music and any form of leisure confining the Afghan public to their homes. The local culture was absolutely destroyed and the entertainment industry ruined. The effects of the Taliban’s actions were directly felt on the already crippled economy of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately all this is very conveniently polished over by the US media but since the USA needs a scapegoat they use the ruse of Iranian support to the Taliban or the pathetic old rant that “Pakistan is not doing enough to curb terror” denying all responsibility for the pitiful condition Afghans find themselves in.

Although the US media and several delusional bloggers continue to deny responsibility the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” even goes as far as to glorify the way Afghanistan was used as a killing field and its people massacred in Millions with Millions others fleeing the Nation as refugees. Unlike what is shown in “Charlie Wilsons War” none of the money sent by USA reached National Hero Ahmed Shah Masoud or the more moderate Afghan groups involved in fighting the Soviets but it was some of the worst fanatics that got the money.

The US-Taliban Relationship Today

It is unlikely that a Superpower like the USA could not predict that in the future these same people they had used as Proxies against the Soviets would be radicalized to such an extent that they would be their enemies in the future. Keeping that in mind it is unthinkable to accept that the President Jimmy Carter did not know it was raising a monster and creating immense hatred for USA itself amongst many Afghans who would later be great targets for US formed terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. In this case it is also safe to assume that they knew that they could somehow utilize this growing hatred for themselves to fulfill their own goals in the region and increase their influence.

This may seem like a wild allegation for many but there are a number of questionable actions by the USA that completely support this school of thought.

Taliban Commanders linked to USA

The history of certain Taliban commanders is one of the biggest embarrassments for the terrorist supporting government of USA. Abdullah Mehsud was one such commander who in the past received American support in their unholy designs against the Soviet’s. When USA attacked Afghanistan in 2001 using the Taliban and Al Qaeda as an excuse Abdullah Mehsud was captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay Prison. Surprisingly Mr Mehsud was released from Guantanamo Bay and the first thing he did upon his return was attack Chinese civilians in Pakistan and massacred several Pakistanis in a blast in Islamabad. Maulvi Abdul Ghaffar too was captured by the US and sent to Guantanamo but he was later released and the first thing he did was attack Afghan civilians and police officials. The one question that lies waiting to be asked in both these cases is that if both these men were such dangerous terrorists then why were they released from Gauntanamo Bay in the first place and why in both the cases they attacked Pakistani, Chinese and Afghans civilians rather than the occupying US forces after being released. The US has never been willing to answer these question’s but their actions of releasing these Terrorists have led to losses for countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan which have a limited Nationalist media to question such actions.

The list of commanders not only includes those that were released from Guantanamo Bay but also others who studied or worked in the USA but found Pakistanis or Afghans a convenient target to strike at instead of the US forces responsible for genocide in Afghanistan. One of the most shocking revelations comes from the spokesman for Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan, Muslim Khan. This major terrorist works for the Tehreek E Taliban Movement and is responsible for the massacre of hundreds in Pakistan and for the displacement of over 3 Million people from their own land. Surprisingly this man has lived an amazing life in the USA and was working as a painter in the USA but instead of killing Americans and fighting against US influence which he claims to be doing he very conveniently moved to Pakistan and massacred hundreds upon hundreds of Pakistanis. Muslim Khan and countless other terrorist commanders like him expose what exactly the Taliban are and who is supporting them. The actions of such people and the very fact that they have lived in or had links to the USA even though they are responsible for the massacre of Pakistanis and Afghans expose what the Taliban really are.

Terrorism and how it benefits USA’s regional objectives in Afghanistan and Pakistan

It is well known that the United States has the largest presence of Armed Forces across the World. As of 2008 USA has 761 military bases around the World and this number is increasing. Not surprisingly the USA has used the terrorist threat to expand their regional objectives and confirmed they will establish permanent bases in Afghanistan as well. After the completion of several bases in Central Asia the total number of Nations with US Military bases will be 70. In addition to this there are 156 other countries in which US forces are present but there are no bases. This means the United States Military can strike at any location in the World at any time they please. However to build these bases an excuse is needed and today the excuse is the same terrorism the United States started in order to defeat their arch enemy the Soviet Union. In other places it has been “democracy” or replacing “dictatorial rule”

The USA released a statement recently saying that it would create permanent US bases in Afghanistan to ‘stabilise the country.’ According to USA the justification for building these permanent bases of course is the terrorist presence. That is all without any regard for what the people of so called “Democratic Afghanistan” want. According to Afghan media sources 76% of Afghans want US forces out of their country. This is a much lower figure than the actual one because of fear of the occupying forces amongst the Afghans. However how the Afghans see the occupation is not a matter of concern for “Democratic USA” at all.

Other than creating permanent bases in Afghanistan and ignoring the wishes of the Afghan people it is also being considered whether the USA’s invasion of Afghanistan was about the oil pipeline that will carry oil from Central Asian states and Azerbaijan to Afghanistan from where it will go to Pakistan and then India. This is another benefit the USA has in occupying Afghanistan.

Where the terrorists stand in all this is simply that their subversive activities kill mostly Afghan civilians while they continue to try and use the policies of USA to recruit youth by claiming to be defend Islam or fight the USA. It is a fact that both the Taliban and the Al Qaeda have killed more Muslims than Non Muslims. For every suicide bombing 9 out of  10 of those killed are Muslims and the proportion of Afghans killed by both the US military and the Taliban are much higher than the causalities on either of the two side. However since they were brought to power in Afghanistan by the USA itself the terrorist commanders know they need the US occupation to continue the so called “Jihad” where inevitably only the Pakistanis or Afghans actually suffer.

The fact that is understood by both the USA and their Taliban allies is that if either side relents and leaves the country alone or refuses to drain the blood of innocent people in the country then there will be no reason for the occupation of Afghanistan. Neither side will ever do this since it does not serve their interests. Therefore it is understood that both of them need each other to occupy the Country. It is also indisputable however that the USA has benefited most from the murderous activities of the Taliban and that if they could once form fund and bring them to power then they can today use them as enemies in order to reach their goals. This common interest is what brings the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the USA on the same side.

Will we still stay silent?

It should be an understood fact that if the USA formed the Taliban and used them as their allies simply to fulfill their own gains in a petty war against Communist USSR then they can also use them as their so called “enemies” in order to fulfill their interests in the region.

Even though this will once again be brushed off as a “conspiracy theory” by many Americans who ignore the fact that the USA has used horrible means to gain its objectives including the use of Nuclear Weapons that resulted in the death of 220,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the horrible genocide can be justified as “necessary” by the US government then why can the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan to fulfill US objectives not be “necessary causalities” in increasing the Global American muscle and influence?

Many Americans will brush this off just like they brushed off the questions they should have been asking when plane after plane hit the CN Towers. They will again ignore their mistakes and try to deny them and in the future they will once again be faced with another so called “enemy” which is formed, funded and supported by their own government. They will selfishly ignore the Millions of Afghan and Iraqi civilians who have died to date in the War on Terror by coalition forces while raising a hue and cry for the American soldiers who die in Afghanistan claiming that they are proof that the USA stands against the terrorists. As the saying goes arrogance has no limits however this arrogance has been the reason of the fall of every great empire.

As far as the rest of the World is concerned what needs to be understood is if anyone today is supporting the Taliban or Al Qaeda he is supporting USA’s strategic goals in the region and vice avers. The entire theory of terrorism was introduced to the World by the US when they used Nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Taliban simply follow the USA’s lead by killing anyone who stands in their path. The relationship between the terrorists and USA must end along with the influence of Nations that use other Countries for their own interests, form and sponsor terrorists while leaving the mess to be cleared up by their victims. Such Nations are enemies of humanity and are worse than their slaves such as the Taliban commanders who are puppets in their hands.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Always remember Pakistan comes first second and last. It is our foremost duty to love Pakistan beyond all else and work for a better future for our country. This Nation deserves to be loved and cherished above all else.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Equal Treatment of Minorities: The responsibility of every Pakistani Muslim

This video is a reminder of our most basic responsibility to protect our minorities and treat them as equal citizens of Pakistan. The Quaid E Azam made this clear to us under the words:

‘We are starting with the fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one state. No matter what is his colour, caste or creed is first, second and last a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligations….

Pakistan will provide its minorities an ample field for the outlet of their genius and they should come forward and play their role as true citizens in making Pakistan one of the greatest nations….’

Remember it not only the right of Pakistanis to defend the name of Pakistan and stand against the double standards of terrorist supporting Nations like the USA who use Pakistan for their interests to fulfill their strategic goals in the region and to stand against Nations like India that let  terrorists dominate their Nation.

However the protection of minorities in our own country is also one of our most basic responsibilities. We cannot be like these Nations against whom today the entire World is against. We cannot be biased towards minorities or accept terrorism on our soil like the Indians accept Hindutvadi terrorism on their own soil and use it to consolidate their power. We must remember that we are the biggest victims of Indian bias against minorities which is the very reason we formed Pakistan. As a result we have a huge responsibility in this regard.

Muslims must also remember the Prophets words before doing anything that hurts our minorities:

“Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Hadith Abu Dawud)

We need to differentiate ourselves from India. We cannot have Gujarat genocide, Anti Sikh Genocide  and Kandhamal/Orissa Anti Christian violence in our country. There will be no difference between us and the Indians if we behave like them and let bias and discrimination dominate us.

The Quaid E Azam brought the message of Tolerance and Equality for all. Being his followers we cannot forget our duty because without Pakistan and its Creator we are nothing.

Pakistan always Zindabad!!!