We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Member Profiles: Salman Niazi

Role: WordPress/Youtube Video Uploader & Blogger

I am a student and I run a small blog. I also upload videos. I have been in the movement for only 8 Months and I feel like I was where I started. I joined in the Pakistan but then I moved to Kuwait where I am now. I love my country wery much and just wanted to do something because I wasn’t being given real role in our organization. Just taking files from one place to another. Simple work. Kuwait chapter is very very small too so there is no real work here so most of time I am free. But maybe I will move to the UAE soon where there is more Nationalists.

I like to write a little bit and do a blog.

You can visit my personal blog too at salmanniaza.b logspot.com


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