We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Member Profiles: Sara Syed

Role: Liberal Thinker & Writer

I have some database management skills and accounting skills though I am still studying.

In the movement I am just a new member and dont  know everything but just joined PN. I applied for PNA too and was rejected.What I am looking for is a change in thinking because our more seniore members look at  junier members and more opportunities for junier members. There are still things I dont understand like the Linguistics course and many other things. Why we need them first thing?

First I think that this thinking that a public movement is bad for us needs to go away. If we hide our views how are we ever going to change anything? Also I think that this movement is good. I have seen some of the work Nationalists do and only because of that I joined. When I visited Masri school I was crying because it was so emotionall all the childreen studied. But there needs to be opening of Nationalist Organizations otherwise there is no point because just no one can get in any organization.

No one can judge somebody elses patriotism. I know I am patriotic. If it is made easier for me to join into other organization I can also proof it.


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