We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Member Profiles: Havi Zayed

Roles: Designer, Writer & Video Producer

Those might be my roles and yes I possess the capability to design to write and to produce videos. However I am independent now and produce by the name of “Pakistanif4life Productions”.

However I am not actively involved in Dimension117 anymore due to an increase in my responsibilities and the fact that I do not like the behavior of some past members which may very well have led to the death threats I received. That is why information about members no matter how famous in the movement should not be shared with strangers especially those with a terrorist mindset.

However nonetheless this is a useful group of mostly junior members who are very patriotic and just need some direction.


3 responses

  1. K Rajput

    Dear Havi
    may Allah bless you in your efforts, our generation has failed our beloved Pakistan. Keep up your good work.
    InshaAllah Pakistan will be here as long as universe is intact.

    14/08/2009 at 9:28 PM

  2. Shehzadi

    Dear Havi,

    I think all u need is confidence. You are an asset to the Nation. You need to realize that today many people look towards you with awe in their eyes and as a future leader. We have complete trust in you. Your personality is so inspiring that I who once knew nothing about Pakistan despite living here is now following everything.

    You have our absolute support and our blessing. Your power and influence increases day by day with every fund you send to the school in Gulshan with every fund you give to ilm o amal. Putting your own life on the line and spending funds you earn generously on the Pakistani race and people amongst us not as benefited as us is one of the most noblest things a person can do. It is no wonder that if you go to people who you have supported they are willing to die for you.

    These traitors and fake Pakistanis who call themselves Pakistani but don’t give 2 hoots about their country will either learn to be Pakistanis or they will wiped into the sands of time. They are a dying breed. Patriotism and Nationalism are not just a birthright but a duty!

    I would recommend you to head to Riyadh Dubai or Pakistan to see the effects of your work amongst nationalists. Your name is becoming famous and you command much more influence in these places with the Pakistani community than in Canada.

    Over this the government’s of both Nations I am sorry to say have been much more supportive of our cause than Canada. I have also noticed the community in Canada to be very passive in terms of Pakistan. The media has also been bombarding them with Anti Pakistanism coming from across the American border which has unfortunately worked up their brains.

    The Hindutvadis have been commanding too much influence there. This is becoming detrimental to us. Pakistanis as much as they need to care don’t give a damn.

    Death threats, insults and what not and guess what they get away with it? We need someone to write about this. Salman Chaudhry a leader of the was attacked in Gerard. The police is taking no action.

    18/11/2009 at 8:11 AM

  3. Zarafenn

    No matter what the glory of the Pakistani Nationalist orders needs to be revitalized.

    Pakistanis are becoming more and more ignorant of their country and we need to make a clear message saying you either behave like Pakistanis or get lost.

    Our nation and people are what comes first. Havi we appreciate your efforts and your noble struggle. We are willing to serve the nationalist organizations you have formed with our blood and soul. We don’t care whether they are public or private. Host them and we will join. Don’t take too much time on deliberation. The ignorant will remain ignorant and will never care until they are kicked in the ass all along the way and shunned by society if they do not care about their country.

    What matters is we have a front to send our message far and wide and this front can ensure that these people finally wake up in defence of their great nation.

    Pakistan is all that matters.

    19/11/2009 at 11:13 PM

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