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The History of “117”

What is Dimension117?

Unknown to even members of various Nationalist Movements across Pakistan this number is the very origin of the movement that now has over 12,000 members spanning at least 40 different Nations.

The number so commonly used today is for the purpose of remembrance of our duty to Pakistan. 117 represents the 117th Brigade under the 39th Division which was led by M.H Atif during the 1971 war. This Brigade fought with immense zeal against the approaching Indian forces. When the ceasefire was declared our leaders such as Major Amir & Captain Ali despite the fact they completely disagreed with the policies of Bhutto and Yahya and their handling of the affair by curtailing Bengali rights which had led to the division continued to fight the Indian forces to achieve martyrdom, not being able to see their land invaded.

It was the dream of Major Amir to see a movement that was based solely on Pakistani Nationalism without the added influence of Mullahs who used religion for their own interests or corrupt power hungry politicians such as Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who’s lust for power broke Pakistan up. Though Amir died in battle a few days after Dhaka fell the mission was carried on by his son and other like minded individuals. Despite very limited publicity this slowly created an entirely new movement which continued to grow over the years to accommodate over 12000 members from what were first only a half a dozen extremely Nationalistic military families.

This was where our movement originated from originally and today it has over 30 Organizations presenting it. This is the origin of Pakistani Nationalism. The 117th Brigade’s men reminded us of our duty.

Dimension117 Unit

Dimension117 Unit is small group of 14 young Pakistani Nationalists who accept the new liberal policies of increased promotion and public coverage for our organizations that have largely kept to themselves in the past due to, but not limited to persecution from the corrupt Bhutto Regime. Most of us are the younger generation that wasn’t even born during that time.

In early December 2007 a group of us thought a little and decided to put our skills together in whatever way we could to do something positive for Pakistan. From that time we had a number of issues and now we have a small change in our little group.

We are here simply to do something positive for our country and do so by utlizing the different various skills each of us possesses. Since we are a small group of young Nationalists and the upcoming generation we will undoubtedly have to take responsibility for the peace and prosperity of Pakistan and the growth and expansion of the movement.

Our 14 members are highly diverse,and  from a variety of Nationalist Organizations and different backgrounds representing different lines of thought. Young and Liberal minds such as Sara Syed are present while traditionalists such as Abdullah Ghazi dispute their thoughts and if you believe that’s too many divisions in thought for a group so tiny to have we still have Ultra Nationalists. Other than them we also have new members who have only recently joined providing an entirely new perspective and thinking outside the box.

Please feel free to contact us for further information:



3 responses

  1. Dr.Amjad

    Dear, Asalaam-u-alaikum,

    I am a Pakistani doctor currently working in England. I totally agree with you. I miss our homeland too much. We as Pakistanis owe so much to our motherland. We should seriously do something for our motherland. I would love to become a member of your organization. We should take the first step and InshaAllah we will go a long way. We should not leave everything to only some politicians but we should also play our role and contribute for our homeland. Let us join togather and get our dear homeland out of crises.
    Dr. Amjad.

    28/05/2009 at 11:31 PM

  2. K Rajput

    I belong to post independance generation and have seen the brek up country in 1972, that day even now bring tears to my eyes. I saw grown up men cry including my father. I cannot believe that 37 yers on we are making the same mistakes and playing devils advocate compromising our own national interests.

    14/08/2009 at 9:23 PM

  3. Fizzy Fiz

    AoA. You need to get laid, it’ll solve all your pro-bullshit problems. trust me. Find me on facebook, lets meet up….and you know what! 😉

    22/08/2010 at 2:47 PM

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