We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Zaid Hamid on Blast in Darra AdamKhel

This is a video of Zaid Hamid explaini ng the situation in Pakistan. I support Zaid Hamid on many things and that there foreign interference in our country and the quistion that how the Taliban are surviving year after year even when operations are being done against them. However I disagree on some things.

1) One that Afghan taliban are very noble and should rule in Afghanistan. I believe more Nationalist Afghan Govt in the country that is hostile to the occupying forces is a much better solution. Taliban are unreliable and if we can’t tolerate their evil laws we can’t have it for the Afghans though I do agree under them the situation for Pakistanis was little better. However remember the Taliban in afghanistan kill innocent afghans too, ban womans education and very bad for development because they kill Shias and any other person who oppose them. It is better to have a Nationalistic government in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

2) Two islamic Shariah law should be imposed in Pakistan. We ourselves can’t live with that anymore. We need Nationalist government.

I also don’t like war mongering. Its just better for him not to give ideas about what we should and shouldn’t do but I like his knowledge of history and the information of Islam he has. Also its good to hear a voice with a different thinking than what western media wants to bombard us.

Salman Niazi


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