We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Aren’t the USA and the terrorists two sides of the same coin?

Although many Americans have a great hatred for their government’s lifelong allies the Al Qaeda and Taliban the policies of the two groups are very similar. The violence and bloodshed they are both capable of in order to complete their objectives and strategic interests are starkly similar.

When considering the Taliban was formed by the CIA and trained in causing maximum bloodshed including car bombings and assassinations it isn’t hard to understand where their barbarism actually comes from.

While one side may see itself as highly civilized the barbarism they represent is starkly similar to the Taliban. The terrorists are well known to use immense brutality against innocent civilians and non combatants without regard for humanity. In fact the brutality of the Taliban and the ideal of massacring all who come in their way or even those who don’t is very similar to the use of force USA uses against its enemies. The same recklessness is seen in the Taliban who massacre Afghan and Pakistani civilians in the name of the War against the occupying forces or even worse “The war for Islam”

However it must be noted being more technologically advanced the USA has managed to get much further ahead in terms of genocide of civilians and is the only Nation in the World that has used nuclear weapons. The Atom bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which killed over 220,000 people stand as a clear example of how much violence the Nation can use and how many innocents can be slaughtered for the USA to complete its goals and objectives. When Michael Walzer suggested that the attack was War terrorism and genocide a typical “proud” American Robert Newman came in to defend the bombings that destroyed thousands of lives. Perhaps then the Americans would have celebrated the 9/11 attacks in the same way claiming it was a “necessity” like the murder of 220,000 civilians in Japan.

Furthermore who in the World made the same irresponsible Nation that took part in the murder of over 3.5 Million civilians in Vietnam because it could not accept the will of the Vietnamese people? Who made the Nation that used nuclear weapons to bring a painful death to 220,000 civilians simply for the survival of 10,000-30,000 of its own soldiers the upholder of World Peace? Can that same Nation even squeak about Iran, Pakistan or North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons?

It is hard to understand who is a worse enemy of humanity. A terrorist country that bombs innocent’s, massacres Millions in their own homeland and then uses its monetary power and influence to bully the rest of the Nations of the World into submission or use the terrorist organizations that fall into the trap and allow themselves to get used by the United States.

Is there an end?

In the end who suffers? Not the USA but people within those countries where they interfere. It is painful to see that day after day Afghans, Iraqis and Pakistanis are falling prey to American foreign policy that once created the terrorists used them for their own gains and abandoned them to be cleared out by the local people.

The ideal of the USA to purposely incite and enrage the Islamic World by continuously supporting Israel and showing great discrimination towards Islamic states and interfering in their affairs is to incite terrorism. With increasing rage and frustration against American double sided policies towards Muslims the rage will only increase and the ranks of the terrorists will increase. The process is never ending and the local population will continue suffering until one side relents.

The terrorists will continue using the excuse of foreign occupation and their atrocities to recruit new members to wage their pathetic war while the US will continue waging a war that is hurting the Nations they are occupying rather than helping them in the name of a war that has no end.

Who Suffers?

To bring World peace USA’s support for terrorism needs to end completely and its policies need a huge shift.

USA must stop using the Taliban to fulfill its strategic goals in the region and adopt a policy of letting other Nations live peacefully without interference in their affairs or sponsoring insurgencies in their land as an excuse to occupy it. The CIA specially needs to be curbed.

Perhaps the only way to bring back the American name it is sensible they should adopt an isolationist policy and stop scaring their own people into believing that terrorists are about to blow them up or if they don’t interfere in Afghanistan or Iraq everyday will be a 9/11. Those from the lands where this insurgency is being waged can very clearly say this is completely false. The victims of this war are our people who have taken more losses than America. Afghan, Iraqi and recently even Pakistani causalities have crossed American causalities including those in the 9/11 Attacks. Therefore the United States must stop victimizing itself. Even if it is the victim it has made others a victim of its own policies.

The fact that the USA is hated worldwide speaks a great deal about who is seen as the aggressor today. There is no use denying it even if it is out of courtesy. We have been too courteous to the United States because its actions only call for us to treat it as a rogue selfish state that has made a mess of the World we live in now.

The immense dislike of the US does not come from support for the Taliban. It comes from US double standards and policies over the years. Until the United States understands the World and stops interfering in World Affairs where it has no business it will continue being seen as an evil and ignorant Nation.

This ignorance is where the terrorists draw their support from. And their victims are the Pakistanis and Afghans because they are the ones who are now in a precarious position right in the middle of the two.


6 responses

  1. neel123

    You Paki mother fu**er……, why blame the Americans, Pakistan must give up its policy of using terrorists as tools of Foreign policy against its neighbours…!

    30/01/2010 at 9:44 PM

    • dimension117

      Your attitude and the hatred you represent is proof of the terrorism murder and brutality you American loyalists are capable of. This is what u did in Japan where u killed 220000 using nuclear weapons, u did it in Vietnam, u blindly gave Iraq to your terrorist Al Qaeda allies who u formed in a plate resulting in the death of atleast 300000 Iraqis. Not all were killed by terrorists but your own airstrikes and troops.

      You blindly follow what the media tells you like pathetic little robots. What else can we expect from you?

      The arabs, uzbeks and afghan taliban cross the border f4m Afghanistan to Pakistan join the TTP and massacre our people. U are promoting terror in our soil. U formed the taliban and used them just to see a Soviet defeat. U created these people and used ZIa. U demanded our help for it and forced our leader to interfere in a country where we had no business and promised him that you would support us no matter what. We took the brunt of the invasion while you sat contentedly in your dirty land while we died and when we defeated the Soviets for you you did what u do best. You backstabbed ur allies.

      Pakistan was used as a pathetic little tool that u threw away as soon as u were done. That time is over dude. No one feels sorry for ur troops that die infact many Afghans celebrate it. UR TROOPS DIE IN VAIN. We don’t care. The taliban and the US forces are the SAME for us. U think u can use our land as ur pathetic battleground and use us when u want and backstab us when u r done with using us and making us take the losses for something u formed? You are wrong.

      Pakistan has its problems but nothing suggests we are using these murders as policy tools unlike what the USA does. You need these terroristic animals for your bloodshed. They are your puppets and brothers. The US forces occupy our lands but these Taliban they slaughter Pakistanis, Afghans and Iraqis? What a joke? They use your occupation to recruit people. U need each other.

      Remember we are done with taking your bullshit. USA has created thousands of enemies. Your war is not against terror. It is against humanity.

      31/01/2010 at 5:56 AM

  2. neel123

    Pakistan’s role as a breeding ground of terrorists, is well documented.

    Pakistani Army and the ISI using these terrorists is known tthe whole world.

    Who are you trying to kid.. with your load of trash …. ? You Pakis are ungrateful bast**ds, surviving on American financial and military aid for decades, and now all of a sudden the Americans became bad guys yeh … ?

    It is time for Pakistan to pay for its past sins, and it will continue to be consumed in its own fire, there is no escape this time … !

    31/01/2010 at 3:18 PM

    • Ghazi

      You Americans are the biggest cowads in history. Go cry over the 9/11 attacks your own government did. You training the taliban and now you can’t control Afghanistan. When yyou leave they will come back. While you are there your troops will keep coming in body bags.

      So sad to be an American. Everyone hates you around the World.

      19/05/2010 at 7:15 PM

    • Ghazi

      Pakistan has no role in breeding terrorists. According to your own CIA’s revealed documents you trained taliban in car bombing and murder tactics which they still use today. Your media is strong so it can put the blame on our footstep but we know your reality. Pakistan was used by you assholes like you used every other country in the World.

      You pigs deserve nothing than defeat in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Go fuck off back to your mother and cry. Cry while Iran gets nukes. We support them fully.

      19/05/2010 at 7:18 PM

  3. Ghazi

    Very well written.

    The Americans are the worst terrorists in human history. Now the cowards are supporting the Indians. These monkeys are worse than the worst backstabbers. They are ones who created Taliban Pakistan movement.

    19/05/2010 at 7:14 PM

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