We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Pakistan’s 62nd Independence Day

A reminder of our responsibility

Under the visionary leadership of Quaid E Azam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947. For the creation of this Nation countless lives were lost and people from both sides were slaughtered in great numbers in pre partition riots. Many of those moving to Pakistan lost what little possessions they had in the process and sacrificed their links to the places they had lived in for years. Despite these difficulties these people were all willing to risk so much only to ensure that they lived free of the discrimination and the absolute in acceptance of the Indians and British to accept them as equal citizens with equal rights in their own land.

Pakistan was created by our forefathers to ensure that they and their future generations would be able to live with honour and dignity, free to practice (or not practice) their faith without anyone imposing their will on them. They understood that Pakistan was the only solution to the mistreatment they suffered in India. They rose up to fulfill the dream of an independent Pakistan and the Pakistani cause gave us all something to fight for, something to live and die for and finally with the blood of thousands it gave us a land to cherish and love.

However creating a land to call our own was just a beginning because with the very formation of this land comes a huge liability. With Pakistan formed it is our duty to protect the honour of this Nation and develop it into one of the Greatest in the World. Today we Pakistanis have a huge burden on our shoulders. It is our foremost duty to safeguard the interests of Pakistan and work in every way we can to ensure the unity and prosperity of our people and Nation.

Unfortunately at that time we were in search of a Nation but today Pakistan is in search of its people. Those people who were willing to make any sacrifice for Pakistan. People who made every decision based on the effect it would have on Pakistan.

What we lack today is the iron will or the resolve to serve this Nation to the best of our capabilities like we did in those days. No one is willing to understand that every single action that we take has a direct effect on Pakistan and Pakistani interest has been replaced unfortunately by self interest. This is especially evident in the government and other public institutions where corruption dominates life.

The flame that burned within the hearts of those who gave us this sacred land which today we call our home should not die out within our hearts because the task of building Pakistan is not complete. We cannot abandon our Nation and our identity for egotism.

Our independence day is not just about hoisting a flag on our rooftops and finding cause to celebrate. It is about reflecting on what effect our actions are having on our country, thinking how best we can serve our Nation and doing everything we can in this regard.

We must remember that every action we take can have a positive or negative effect on Pakistan. Even if each one of us supports the education of one Pakistani child it can have a major positive impact on our country. On the other hand even something viewed as small such as throwing rubbish in the streets can have an impact on our country.

Let the 62nd Independence Day of our motherland be a reminder to all of us of our responsibility to this Sacred Land. Let us be reminded that without Pakistan we are nothing and let us integrate this Nation within our very blood and work to make it the Greatest in the World.

Let us promise that whatever we do we will keep Pakistan in mind and will work with dedication towards the glory of this country and do nothing that hurts our Nation. Let us first promise that we will not use means such as bribery, fraud and corruption and sell our National interests for our own benefits. Let us then promise to put our Nation before ourselves because if Pakistan benefits we benefit.

Finally let us promise to find and eliminate all elements involved in any Anti Pakistani actions that hurt our people such as corruption, crime and terrorism and not elect leaders that support any of the three because Pakistan is our responsibility.

Pakistan Always Zindabad!!!


2 responses

  1. No true Pakistani nationalist can forget it’s country’s history, which you sadly seem to have done. Pakistan’s pre-47 does not coincide with India’s yet even the most “nationalistic” Pakistanis have forgotten the region was never a part of India save for the Mauryan empire.

    Utter shameful mistake on your part! Pakistan is more than just some Muslims not wanting to join India. Surely you cannot ignore out glorious past.

    04/08/2010 at 12:28 AM

    • dimension117

      I agree. What India is now never came to be and used to be several 100 different nations until the mughals came and united it as one and then the british pulled the country up together. With 400 different languages and as many cultures there are several identities. The region we are currently in was truly never under control of the various nations that constantly sprung up in India and it was set in stone that we had a seperate identity and were to be seperated from them.

      We will never forget our past. Our country means everything to us and we are even trying to revitalize languages that are dying that may date back to the indus valley civilization.

      12/09/2010 at 10:52 PM

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