We Defend Pakistani Interests. Do you?

Video showing the real picture of Mumbai Attacks (Extensive Reading Required)

This video is created by me and explains 14 the main points in detail which put India’s propaganda campaign against Pakistan in peril. Please as a responsible citizen of the World spread this video and tell the World the truth.

The real perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks must be brought to justice. This blame game has been continuing for years and it is more than time for the Indians to rise above it. Wake Up Indians and realize the facts. Dont become a hostage to Hindutva media elements.

Finally an advanced version that builds on this and adds 11 more points can be found in my articles. Its Mumbai attacks Fairytale gone bad. Search for it and look at the points that prove Indias media campaign against Pakistan false. A horrible game is being played and all of us desrve to know the real perpetrators of this evil act.

It is sad that the government of India for its personal gains directed attention to Pakistan while the government of Pakistan sold the identity of Pakistanis to the Indians by taking action against a charit that had absolutely nothing to do with the Mumbai attacks.


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